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Confines Space Cleaning

Superior Contract Cleaning has worked hard to become leaders in the remediation cleaning industry. When you hire Superior Contract Cleaning you can be assured that your property will be taken care of the right way.

Water Damage Restoration

Even the smallest amount of water damage can be devastating to a property if it is not taken care of in a thorough and timely manner. Water can seep through the spaces between your walls, underneath the flooring, and even into ceilings and closets. A steady water leak causes humidity levels in a building to rise which encourages mold growth and structural rot. Superior Contract Cleaning concentrates on mitigating the source of the problem, we do an assessment of your problem and determines a plan of action. There are a number of reasons as to what can cause water damage: cracked foundations, plumbing that has been poorly sealed, poor AC draining and of course, flooding. The causes of water damage may not always be visible to the naked eye. That is why Superior Contract Cleaning has the tools necessary to detect water in areas that are not visible.  If you feel there are signs of water damage or have a visible water leak in your home or building be sure to call the professionals at Superior Contract Cleaning immediately.

Sewage/Waste Water Cleanup & Removal

Don’t let sewage damage turn into a bigger, more expensive problem. It is important to find and fix the source of the problem as soon as possible. Superior Contract Cleaning minimize’s the damage to your property and restores the damaged materials to pre-loss condition or better. Sewage and waste water can contain large amounts of harmful bacteria with serious health risks associated with it. When a building has been contaminated with sewage or waste water, or even if flooding occurs that involves organic matter it is a serious threat to your health. This leads to the growth of potentially disease causing  microorganisms. These organisms may pose a serious health risk to occupants of the building. Only a professional with the right training, tools and equipment should handle the cleanup and remediation in order to prevent the growth from creating further damage or continued health risk.

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