If you operate a business or own a home, you know that clean floors are crucial to the appearance of your space. Call Superior Contract Cleaning right away for professional floor cleaning and sealing. We will restore your:

  • Hard surface stone floors and counter tops
  • Tile and grout - high heat cleaning and sealing
  • Vinyl Composition tile - full restore or a scrub and recoat
  • Terrazzo - full restoration or a hard polish
  • Carpet and soft furnishing - cleaning and sealing

Call 337-247-5567 today to schedule floor cleaning in Lafayette, LA.

4 signs it's time to schedule professional carpet cleaning in Lafayette, LA

Quality carpet cleaning is no DIY task. Rental machines can be filled with germs and pet hairs from other households, and handwashing treatments can take hours and leave your carpet feeling sticky. It's time to call Superior Contract Cleaning for carpet cleaning if:

  1. You can't remember the last time your carpets were cleaned
  2. Your carpet is spotted from spills and pet accidents
  3. Your carpets have deep stains you can't remove
  4. Your carpet smells less than fresh

We work in commercial and residential spaces. Call Superior Contract Cleaning to schedule a free estimate for carpet cleaning.