8 Signs Mold May Be Growing In Your Home or Business

If there is moisture outside, it means that it is in the house as well. Even though you may not see the mold with the naked eye, it does not mean that you do not have it in your home. Some types of mold can produce mycotoxin, a substance that causes respiratory problems, headaches, and, in the long run, permanent neurological damage is possible. Some of the milder symptoms are drooling and sneezing. Mold can occur in the basement, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, or any other place.

Here Are The 8 Signs Mold May Be Growing In Your Home Or Business

1. Strange Smell From The Air Conditioners

The air conditioners are one of the prime suitable places in which mold develops. Parts of the air conditioner are mostly moist and dark, which is an extremely convenient place for mold. And when the air conditioner is not used, the temperatures favor the development of mold.

Regular cleaning of filters on air conditioners is mandatory.

2. The Grout Between Tiles Is Black

While bathing, pay attention to the grout between your tiles. If you notice that they are dark and visible, it’s NOT time for mold remediation. It is generally a harmless type of mold or bio-film.

3. Wallpapers

When you notice that the wallpaper has begun to peel on its own or that it has become irregular in shape, check it immediately- behind it is probably the moisture that favors the development of mold.

4. You Have Been Cold For Months

Have you entered your home or workplace and started sneezing and drooling? It is a clear sign that there is mold in your house. Your body has developed an allergic reaction. If you have a feeling that you are always cold and cannot get warm at all, this is one of the indicators that you may have mold.

5. Black Spots On Walls

You may have mold in your house if your walls are black and stained. As mold comes in many shapes and colors, other colors that appear on the wall may indicate that you have mold in the house as well. The walls don’t always have to be black.

6. Exacerbation Of Asthma

If you are already suffering from breathing problems, and you notice that during your stay at home, your condition is getting worse, mold may be one of the reasons for this. Make sure to see if your condition worsens when you spend a long time in a room or in your house in general.

7. Your Body Is Itching

Did you feel your clothes sometimes itch? We all know that mold grows in basements, but people are not aware that it can appear on the clothing we wear. It is more specifically grows on damp clothes, such as shoes, and towels in closets.

8. You Feel Tired

The mycotoxin that the mold produces affects each of us differently. One of the signs of a reaction is if you feel tired. If you wake up hardly or don’t manage to stop thinking about sleep all day long, mold could be the cause of this problem.

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