Average Timeline of Distressed Property Cleanup
October 1, 2023

A distressed property cleanup service involves the removal of old furniture and appliances, as well as debris and junk left behind by previous property owners. While these services are commonly required for foreclosed properties, they can also be essential for vacant or abandoned properties. Distressed property cleanups are not limited to single-family homes or townhouses; they apply to a wide range of property types, including condominiums, apartments, and even commercial establishments.

The cleaning process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the property to assess the scope of the work required. This initial inspection helps us to prepare the necessary tools and equipment. Next, the planning phase begins, where a detailed work plan is developed for each room, along with strategies for efficient waste disposal. Then, the actual cleaning can take place.

Large and bulky items are the first to be removed, followed by the disposal of general junk and other debris. Old materials like flooring, carpets, walls, doors, windows, and fixtures are sometimes removed. After this phase, minor damages are repaired, and interior cleaning is carried out due to the dust and dirt generated during the debris removal process. Once the interior is sanitized, the property’s and yard’s exterior are attended to.

Several factors can influence the timeline of distressed property cleanup services. The size of the property plays a significant role; larger properties naturally require more time. The quantity and nature of items to be removed impact the duration of the cleaning as well. Some items may require special disassembly or removal methods if they cannot fit through regular door frames. Generally, you can expect the cleanout process to take several days for more significant properties. In contrast, smaller properties or units like apartments and condominiums may only require a few hours. If you need distressed property cleanup services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Superior Contract Cleaning.