New Year, New House: New Construction Cleaning
January 1, 2024

New construction cleaning is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of the building process. It’s a comprehensive task involving much more than just sweeping up dust and debris. In most cases, hours of tireless work will be required to clean up the site, sometimes even days. But rather than bothering yourself with the cleaning operation, why not outsource the new construction cleaning to Superior Contract Cleaning? With professional help, you can ensure the job will be done perfectly.

When you finally get the keys to your new construction home, the temptation to move in immediately and clean gradually might seem appealing, but this approach overlooks several crucial aspects. Safety is a primary concern, as leftover construction materials like wood, sawdust, paint, and adhesives can cause health risks like breathing problems and skin irritations. Aesthetically, the remnants of construction work can mar the appearance of your new home, so a comprehensive cleaning is needed to restore its beauty. Functionally, debris and dust in critical areas like kitchens and bathrooms can hinder the use of appliances and access to cabinets. A thorough clean-up before moving in is necessary to ensure that every part of your home operates as intended and is fully accessible.

The clean-up process is typically divided into three distinct phases. The rough clean occurs initially before the construction work is completed. It includes the removal of large debris, trash, and hazardous materials. After installations are complete, a more thorough cleaning occurs in the final interior clean. This phase involves detailed cleaning of walls, ceilings, floors, and ducts, with particular attention given to kitchens and bathrooms due to their specific needs. The final phase focuses on the building’s exterior, including cleaning windows and doors and removing debris from the surrounding area.

In conclusion, new construction clean-up is a multifaceted process that requires careful planning and execution. Understanding its phases and duties can help you make informed decisions when hiring cleaning professionals for the job. A well-executed clean-up is crucial for the safety and aesthetics of any construction project, so contact Superior Contract Cleaning to get the job done!