Storm Damage Restoration from Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
August 1, 2023

With hurricane season upon us, knowing the steps to take if a storm damages your property is essential. Headquartered in Southwest Louisiana, Superior Contract Cleaning has repeatedly seen firsthand how damaging hurricanes can be to homes, businesses, and communities. Because of the witnessed destruction, our team is dedicated to restoring your property as efficiently as possible to get you back up and running.

Hurricane damage can affect your home from the foundation to the roofline. Wind speeds of over 150 miles per hour can rip off roofs, break windows, send tree limbs through your upper stories, and fling cars like paper airplanes. Heavy rain and storm surges can cause flooding and water damage from leaking roofs and unsealed windows.

Quick home damage restoration is crucial. A water-logged home that is not properly dried and repaired can lead to black mold and problems in the foundation. Leaky roofs continue to allow water into the rafters and walls of your home.

The first two things to do when your property is damaged in a major storm are to prevent further damage by covering any openings in the building and calling your insurance company. Once this is done, storm damage restoration can begin. If your windows are blown out during strong winds or broken by projectiles, it’s essential to get them covered as soon as possible.

After covering them, storm damage restoration includes replacing the windows and checking to ensure there is no water or wind damage to the frame around the windows.

Roof damage can range from missing shingles to the entire roof being ripped off. You’ll need a qualified contractor to look at the whole roof – not just the damaged section – to see if there are other structural issues to address.

As with windows, home damage restoration of blown-in doors goes beyond replacing the door. Any damage to entries in the home represents a minor structural weakness supported by the door. When the door is ripped away or blown, walls and floors may buckle. Replacing a door also means evaluating the entire wall, looking for weak points and other potential damage to the framing.

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