The Importance of Sanitization
March 1, 2023

Although the world has started to return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, illnesses like the flu and RSV have not disappeared. Many physicians say an increase in flu and RSV cases once the lockdown ended as people no longer have immunity to the airborne viruses. In January 2021, 3.7 million people missed work due to illness, but in January 2022, 7.8 million workers missed due to an illness – approximately a 210% increase.

The record increase in employee sick time clearly indicates how important it is for a workplace to be as clean as possible. The average employee spends a third of their total lifetime at their workplace (roughly 90,000 hours), and employees take approximately three sick days per month on average. Imagine the productivity growth if you could help your employees cut back on their sick time by keeping their space as germ-free as possible.

Superior Contract Cleaning is proud to offer janitorial services to regularly keep your workplace sanitized and germ-free. Not only will keeping employees healthy help increase productivity, but it also has the potential to increase employee satisfaction. Who wants to spend a third of their life somewhere that makes them sick? Contact Superior Contract Cleaning today to learn more about how regular cleanings can help your business.