Gueydan High School

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Lisa Aucoin Johnson

"Superior Contract Cleaning is appropriately named because their cleaning services ARE superior! They thoroughly cleaned our warehouse and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We will definitely use their services again in the future."

What Happened to Them

In 2019, multiple schools throughout the south were attacked by bats. Not only Gueydan High School but also Zachary High, Franklin Junior High, and the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

According to reporters, bats originated from Mexico, and these infestations forced these schools to temporarily close doors.

For those unaware, bats carry all sorts of serious disease, including rabies and Marburg viruses.

If humans, particularly young adults and elderly, were to get exposed to those, it would have been a disaster. 

Therefore, the schools have been forced to shut down and call in assistance. That’s where Superior Contract Cleaning came in to help with a thorough commercial cleanup.

How We Helped

While pest and wildlife removal is not the focus of our business, Superior Contract Cleaning still responded and offered deep cleaning and disinfection assistance to the school.

We cleaned up their large air duct system and cleared the way for fresh, contaminant-free air for the entire building. Our professionals made sure no bats were left in the ducts, and then cleaned up everything behind them.

The school reopened after two days of extensive cleanup. Nobody was hurt in the end.

Final Results!

In these very demanding and stressful two days, Superior Contract Cleaning demonstrated the willingness to put our day-to-day business operations and plans to help out our community.

After all, this very community is what made us into what we are today, along with our amazing team of dedicated cleaners and restoration technicians who give it their all every day.

Need a restoration or a deep cleaning service yourself? Give us a call today at (337) 247-5567!

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