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Jerard Brasseaux

"We are beyond grateful and highly impressed with the job Superior Contract Cleaning provided for our property. They took the time to work with us and our budget and did an outstanding job! They are definitely Top Notch and in my opinion the best in the business!"

Highest Rated Restoration Services in Opelousas!

water damage restoration Opelousas, LA

Superior Contract Cleaning helps customers like you avoid getting sick, free their properties from contaminants, and avoid catastrophic real estate losses from water, fire, and mold damage.

In case you didn’t know:

  • Water damage can devalue a house by up to 20%[1].
  • Fire damage devalues homes by over 20%[2].
  • Mold can cause a depreciation of up to 40%[3].

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with water, fire, or mold, or all three, your investment is at risk. And so is your health:

  • Mold spores can cause respiratory conditions[4].
  • Smoke from fires contains particulate matter proven to be dangerous[5].
  • Water damage can contain bacteria and microbes that can lead to serious diseases[6].

Call us today to avoid ALL of this. Let Superior restore your property and relieve all of the anxiety and stress you’re probably experiencing right now.

water damage restoration Opelousas, LA

Our Reviews

We helped them ALL, and we can do the same for YOU!

Get Your Property Back to Normal in 3 Easy Steps!

Jessica Guidry

1. Talk to an Expert

The first step in recovering your property is calling our number (337) 247-5567. One of our restoration experts will immediately pick up and examine your situation.

2. Free Inspection

As soon as your consultation with one of our experts is done, a team of professionals will be dispatched to your address and arrive in less than 60 minutes for an inspection.

superior contract cleaning emergency restoration

3. Restore

Once our team arrives, your job is pretty much done. They'll get to work, and bring your property back to its original condition in a matter of days. See, it's that easy!

Benefits of Our Restoration Services

Avoid Health Risks

Water damage can contain bacteria, along with urine, feces, dirt, trash, and other biohazards. There's also a risk of electrocution[7], short-circuits, and other hazards. Fire damage comes with smoke and soot, known to lead to serious health conditions. Mold can cause respiratory problems. Avoid all of this and let experts restore for you.

Protect Your Assets

Water, fire, and mold can all significantly devalue a home, along with posing structural integrity risks. Your drywall, insulation, carpets, upholstery, hardwood, and other valuables in your home can all deteriorate past their recoverable point. If you call us, we can have a much higher chance of protecting your assets in time.

Skip the Hassle

The Superior Contract Cleaning team also deals with insurance by recording evidence and negotiating on your behalf. We have all the equipment, eliminating the need for you to rent out or buy expensive dehumidifiers, air movers, and other tools. Once we're done, you'll be able to move back in like no disaster even happened.

before and after deep cleaning

House and Business Deep Cleaning Services Opelousas, LA

Constantly experiencing cold-like symptoms, allergic reactions, or worsened asthma in your home or office? It’s time for a deep cleanup. Superior offers:

These aren’t your regular cleaning sessions with a mop and a bucket. We disinfect, sanitize, and remove all pathogens typically present at these sites. 

If you haven’t deep cleaned in over 6 months, you likely have mold spores, dust mites, stains, dirt, sand, dust, and other pathogens in your property.

So, let us clean your furniture, floors, and the rest of the property from pathogens, protecting your health and enabling you to sell it for more if that’s in your interest.

Call us today!


We provide emergency services, so you do not need to worry.

Besides Opelousas, we also serve:

We can handle your clean up now!

Right away. Mold can grow as quickly as 24 hours, and your carpets, drywall, insulation, and other items can all get soaked up in the meantime.

Yes! No need to enter those intimidating negotiations on your own. We know all the tricks in the book used by insurance companies to try to lower your coverage, so we’ll handle this with ease for you.

Likely, yes, if the conditions allow it. There’s a reason why we wear masks and coveralls; the water may easily be contaminated with bacteria, dirt, and various types of waste. Also, our equipment can be really loud and release A LOT of heat, which can cause great discomfort. We’ll consult with you further on this once we get on the site.

Service charges will be directly related to the extent of the damage, but our costs are highly competitive! Costs depend on the extent and severity of the damage, along with the levels of contamination and hazards present. 

For instance, “black water,”  which is the most severe type of water damage by looking at the contamination levels, is much harder to fully clean. This leads to more labor and subsequent higher costs than something like, for example, a water supply line leak or a sump pump overflow.

Yes, we can perform a sewage cleanup for you. The cleanup of sewage anywhere in a home requires the specialized services that our company has great experience in. In the meantime, STAY AWAY for sewage. It has a plethora of bacteria, along with waste from urine, feces, other biohazards, chemicals, trash, dirt, and many other contaminants. Even breathing it in can cause problems, so leave it all to us.

Yes, we provide cleaning after a flood and will extract the water, deodorize, and sanitize.

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Restore Your Water, Fire, or Mold Loss in Opelousas Today!

Opelousas is a city north of Lafayette, where we’re based. Regardless, we can quickly arrive and serve anyone in the area.

Opelousas has a major flooding risk rating, along with severe heating risks. The city is very prone to water, fire, and mold damage, and that’s why we’re here to help.

The city gets almost double the national average of inches of rain per year. Humid climate, proximity to the bay, and warm and hot weather are the conditions mold often grows in.

If you’re dealing with a disaster aftermath and need water damage repair, fire damage repair, or mold mitigation, let us handle all the repairs. Give us a call by dialing the number below and get your quote today!

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