Our Certifications and Awards

Our Certifications

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Water damage restoration technicians at Superior Contract Cleaning all possess an IICRC WRT certification, which is the highest standard in the restoration industry.

Those who undergo the IICRC’s WRT training course not only get familiar with the best drying and restoration techniques but also with the health and safety standards, along with the legal obligations every restoration technician needs to follow.

Being IICRC-certified is not a legal requirement for engaging in the water damage restoration business, but it is the most desirable accreditation in the industry, and is highly sought after by insurance companies and other entities that are looking to decide on who their restoration partner will be.

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Our Reviews

They are ALL happy, and so are we!

Our Awards

Superior Contract Cleaning has been named on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list in 2021 and 2022, ranking #1202 and #2108 each year respectively.

Also, in 2022, we have been ranked on the Financial Times’ America’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2022 list, sitting at #176.

We still have the plaques of their awards attached to our walls, further motivating us to strive even harder to serve the customer.

Superior Contract Cleaning also holds Better Business Bureau accreditation, which serves as a measure of our ethics and trustworthiness.

Notable Achievements

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When Louisiana's 1,000 Year Flood hit Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, the damage totaled around $20 billion. Countless households were completely destroyed, and the city needed help. That's where we came in.

Superior Contract Cleaning and our team went there and helped over 65 households recover from flood damage.

A year later, in September 2017, Puerto Rico suffered devastating losses from Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm (only level below the most severe category). We sailed across the sea in April 2018 and recovered over 100 households.

The same year, Hurricane Florence hit the coast of North Carolina with the same outcome the city of Baton Rouge experienced two years earlier.

Our dedicated professionals have helped countless coastal households recover, including the Surf City mayor's family.

If you were looking for evidence that we truly care about our customers, now you have it. We help people all the time, even with no financial incentives.

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